Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tunneling out

I'm alive.  I swear.

Wow.  Do I miss this place. 

Our firewalls at work updated/changed and now while I have non-stop access to facebook, I can't log into blogger, which makes posting here a bit of a challenge.

When I'm inspired to write, it always seems to hit at a "offline" time...and when I do have access (like now), it's on a clock ticking down...and man, I seriously can't produce on a stopwatch.  A deadline, sure, but a stopwatch?  Nope.

So I am around.  I will find a solution.  My need to spew my brain parts into the void hasn't altered and distance certainly has made the heart grow fonder.

So, fear not brave readers.  The two of you just have to hang in there a bit longer and I'll be back.

With a vengence.  Because, I have a lot of I might as well put it to use.



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

While On My Way To Hell - 365 Sketches Project

While On My Way To Hell  is the sketch show I'm directing as part of the insanity which Joe Janes has wrought upon this earth better known as, 365 Sketches Project.

Joe Janes wrote one sketch per day and posted it to his blog every single day for a year.

Now, the world gets a chance to explore a year's worth of comedy writing:
...from the mind of one man
...under the eyeballs of 26 directors
...thru the commitment of 117 actors
...over the course of 10 nights.

Do you have the balls to witness this marvel? 
You've got 26 chances to man up and do it.

Tickets can be purchased here
Again. There are 26 shows.  Make sure you click the right date!

While On My Way To Hell will be performed ONE NIGHT ONLY! 
Saturday, June 5 at 10pm (sharp)
Directed by Rebecca Langguth
Performed by Kim Boler, John Brewster, Trey Hanks, Briana Hansen, Ben Harpe and Brett McGovern
Tickets for this are $10 (and include free Goose Island Beer, yo.)
Performing at Strawdog Theater, 3829 North Broadway St, Chicago.

They are going fast, I'd get them toot sweet!