Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tunneling out

I'm alive.  I swear.

Wow.  Do I miss this place. 

Our firewalls at work updated/changed and now while I have non-stop access to facebook, I can't log into blogger, which makes posting here a bit of a challenge.

When I'm inspired to write, it always seems to hit at a "offline" time...and when I do have access (like now), it's on a clock ticking down...and man, I seriously can't produce on a stopwatch.  A deadline, sure, but a stopwatch?  Nope.

So I am around.  I will find a solution.  My need to spew my brain parts into the void hasn't altered and distance certainly has made the heart grow fonder.

So, fear not brave readers.  The two of you just have to hang in there a bit longer and I'll be back.

With a vengence.  Because, I have a lot of anger...so I might as well put it to use.




Erica said...

Rebecca! So glad you are still out there.
I await any and all future posts.

babyboler said...